It’s empty and cold here. Nothing good, nothing hopeful, nothing real, nothing dangerous. Just nothing. You don’t remember last time you touched, hugged, or kissed someone. You don’t remember how anything intimate feels like. Everybody is gone, everywhere is empty, every minute is eternity.

Everywhere you stare at is nothing but darkness, all the feelings vanished. Where is everybody? You feel like you’re the only one left out here. Got your friends and family but something deeper inside is missing. Even at the comfort of your friends, family, home, well being, focusing to be your best, something deeper that you need is missing and nothing can fill that gap.

Where do you go when you’re stuck in the void? Where do you go when no one that can save you is even aware of your existence? How stronger should you scream to realize that no one will hear you and you’re silently traveling into cold deep eternal space from your home and nobody is even searching for you?

How does it feel? Maybe that’s why you’re not scared of death as you used to do. Maybe that’s why you don’t give a shit about the pandemic. You wish everything was different, you wish a single flip in a variable that would end up resulting in a chain reaction would change everything. But darling, it’s dark here. There is no hope, no breath, no heartbeat of anybody. And you are tired of experiencing fundamentals of your reality is being destroyed over and over into the void.

It’s just void here and you know it’s scarier than death.