Black deal

Hey, I think I’m asleep again, nice to see you again here. It’s been a whole day since we last met. Why did we separate for so long, every minute that I’m awake feels like an eternity? I wanna go home. Do you hear me? Are you just a dusty mirror covered in loneliness of years, or is it just you who’s not responding? Are you there, why aren’t you giving me a sign? Whatever you are I miss you and sleep is the only place I find you.

That’s why I want to sleep forever. If you don’t exist in what we call the physical reality, what is the point of all the experiences? What is the point of traveling, sharing, creating, and trying to build a life, if I’ll be doing this all alone? Why is there a second plate in this dinner table where I’m eating by myself? 

This is enough. I want to make a deal with you: don’t let me leave here without you. Either find me in the physical dimension, or don’t let me go back. Take this life, I want to stay with you. I want to be with you forever. I want to live you. I’m tired of sleep being only place that I feel safe. I’m tired of living all those potentially beautiful years without you. Either manifest, exist, realize, be… or take me to the dark side. The side where there is no more pain, no more endless hours, no more breath. No more heartbeat. And I’ll never be without you again.

Don’t let me wake without you.