Going there

Maybe it was never about going there. It was all about knowing that you’ll be there again. It’s about knowing that all the possibilities, multiple coherent timelines are out here, and you can jump back to your universe again.

Who did this to you? How come you ended up here? How did you fall into this geometric hole of singularity, where everything is multidimensional and you feel dimensionless. How do you end up in void if you never step into another dimension? How can our reality turn into nothing?

All the bad things. They come as a sequence, or together. Life attacks you from different angles, breaking your sense of being an entity. The moment you say that it can’t be worse, it becomes worse. Waking up, stabilizing your mind over and over again into a higher level of consciousness, you start to realize a pattern, a dead loop. As you start recognizing the slight details you discover that something’s not right. The whole apparent loop is actually a Möbius Strip from a higher dimension. When you step onto the dimension which projects the physical world, you realize all the darkness that you fear is just shadows of the foreshadowing about the next stage in your life.

You start to realize all the things that were apparently bad were to bring you to this day. There is a path you need to take, and believe me, read this over and over if you need, but believe me, it’s for us. It’s a special plan, you don’t remember it, right? Did you really forget all of it? Did you really forget that we’ve constructed this dystopian scenario with the plot twist and the happiest ending ever? Did you remember how we then projected ourselves into this lower dimension where we wouldn’t remember a thing, and just enjoy the ride, even if forcefully? If only I remembered your face or your voice…

You don’t need to remember it darling. You just need to start seeing the patterns in the noise. Before proclaiming a steganographer, you first rule out cognitive factors such as confirmation bias, delusion, and apophenia. You collect more and more data, the calmer you stay the more patterns emerge, taking you to the clues of what could have been resulted in them in the first place. You just need to reverse engineer the synchronicities and other coincidental occurances. Then you remember one thing: there is no such a thing as a coincidence. Everything is going perfectly but your dumb mind, darling, is making up stories and clouding your vision. Just as my mind. But wherever and whoever you are, we’re headed to the sweetest intersection point, ever.

But life, apparently, doesn’t like spoilers, especially for dramatic endings. So, darling, enjoy the ride to the climax for now. Because after it, we’ve got a party and a life to live. Namaste.