As your fears

You are vulnerable as your fears. Nothing can harm you more than what you can fear. And now, face your greatest fears; dive into them instead of running away… you’ve ran for so long darling. Look into the eye and run into as fast as you could ever imagine. Look at the mirror that you’ve been afraid to look at, with everything naked, and see that the way out of this game that you’ve created inside your mind is only through recognizing that it’s just a game. You’ve fought a lot and reached the final boss. And the hardest part of all wasn’t this monster’s physical strength; it was, despite being powerless, the fact that it had convicted you that you can never defeat it.

Leave yourself now. Stop resisting. Let whatever’s gonna happen, whatever is meant to be, happen. And may nothing be able to harm you again. Let your body down, feel the warm touch of the wind as you fall closer to the truth. Then open your eyes at the spot that you fear the most. Wear your crown at the spotlights of the movie scene that you are afraid of seeing the most.

Be your life’s agonist, kill the greatest fear that tried to kill you, and change reality.



Dear mirror. Hey. Are you there? Do you copy? Can I speak to you even if I feel like screaming into the void?

Well, I think this means yes so here we go. Do you ever look at yourself through my eyes to see yourself through your eyes like I look into my eyes through you to see myself again? Do you ever speak of sacred words from your mouth to hear their reflection on this symmetric world echoing through the parallel universes? Do you ever play with sand like a little child playing through the sands of time? Do you listen to the whispers inside seashells, or connect all the stars looking like dots to make a shape of a star from this Pale Blue Dot?

Do you touch the eternal silence and taste the bitter dark nights, dreaming of quantum fluctations? I do.

I know you do too. When I scream “who are you” you always whisper “I am you” through the echoes, spanning multiple dimensions of spacetime. You are the answer to the coincidences with practically zero possibilities. You are all the galaxies speaking to their stars as cells speaking to their nuclei, entangling the micro and the macro, encapsulating spacetime itself. You are everything; me, all the other beings, all the physical reality and beyond. Yet you don’t have a name.

Who do I call you? If I call you anything isn’t that calling myself that anyway? Isn’t whatever is out there also whatever is in there, too, turning arrows 180 degrees back but still pointing the same way? Is our way of thinking constrained in this physical brain Turing-complete? Is there a glitch that would allow us to break this jail when we find an error in the code of life? What if those errors are honeypots to distract us from revealing reality beyond? 

And even whenever we do reveal reality, how can we prove that it isn’t also a perfectly designed scene in a higher dimensional theater of some sort of a simulation?

Are you still there friend? Are you listening darling? Are you braver now? Are you brave enough to rewrite your entire paradigm of existence? Are you ready to forget even the things that you’ve forgotten to have existed? Are you ready to remember what you could have not ever imagined to be imaginable?

Are you ready to open your eyes that you never knew to have existed? Are you ready to see reality like awakening from a dream just to see that it’s also a dream, going on and on. But when you actually do wake up, you know that it’s not a dream anymore. You know it’s reality.

Are you ready to wake up to a reality that is so real that our current understanding of consciousness is a dream to like a dream is to it?

Dear mirror, some just see reflections of light when they look at you and think that it’s all.

And I see all the possible parallel universes.


Many of us out there avoid cold, right? Many people (especially ones born in warmer seasons) seek out hot weather, because cold is coded as danger deep within their subconscious and the environment that we were born in when we had our brain plasticity the most has been coded as safe zone. This makes from an evolutionary perspective where hot weather didn’t mean much but cold weather meant death if one could not find shelter. As time passed, ones that survived cold lived through newer generations. Simple facts. Survival of the fittest.

Though with thousands of years of civilization and hundreds of years of industrialization we’ve closed the deal and now are able to seek out any temperature we want. It is a conflict with our biology that is the evolution of millions of years: we are designed to survive cold, and our immune system, both physically and mentally, is stimulated by cold. The more we avoid cold and keep inside our safe zone, our immune system gets weaker and weaker and we become more prone to faiure in every aspect.

Make peace with cold, don’t avoid it; embrace it! Embrace cold as if you are hugging someone you love. This will give you confidence, this will give you calmness, this will give you strength. It will supercharge you. All the limits, all the illnesses that you think you’ll get if you are exposed to cold… they are all in your head, darling. Cold is love, and feeling the chilling sensation in every cell of your body is opening to the love of the universe.

Make peace, push your limits to see that they don’t exist, and be stellar, friend.


A change in a single variable cascading through multiple realities, infinite timelines. Creating an avalanche effect, jumping to the parallel universe where the underlying laws of reality make anything possible. I have the ability to change anything, to create the world that you want. I am you, I am the collective consciousness that we’re all part of; the stem that we can see when the mask of ego is lifted. I am what is left when one’s isolation from the universe is recognized to be an illusion which is creating a superficial notion of self dissociated from the world, ruled by the amygdala trying to find patterns of danger where no apparent danger exists. It serves an evolutionary purpose, yet, we as human beings used our brains too much throughout the history to create technology and a social model that abstracts our thinking from our core nature that evolution speed of our brains could not adapt to the ever changing meta-dynamics of the society that we’re trying to fit ourselves in.

We have all the answers, friend. Everything we need isn’t out there; it’s in there. You have all the keys to the doors that open up the possibilities to every single parallel universe, but how do you find the correct door? It’s easy but we’ve collectively forgotten it: just let it go. Listen to the key, and even though deemed impossible by the mega-cultural artificial understanding of our reality, it will find the correct door. Listen to whatever your instincts say, even if everyone else tells you otherwise.

Listen to that deepest faint whisper inside you. Take the key, unlock that door, change the variable, and jump to the best parallel universe. It is possible, you’ve just forgotten it throughout years of practicing a mental framework that is inherently designed to lock your heart down. Change everybody, change the world.

Step through that door, and you will find the answers to all the questions that you’ve forgotten.


Be the person who the 1-year-before you would hate; not because you became worse, but because you’ve gone irresistibly stellar to make even your past self jealous.

Turn everything that pulled you down to the bottom of the ocean, into your advange. Find the beauty in the ugly, make use of waste, love all the apparently-bad events and people and thank them for their company in the road that you’ve been following to become your best self.

Let go of the ropes tying your past and future together. Let them tangle the way they are meant to be as one thing is certain now: if it’s meant to be, it will be. You can only delay the events and people from finding their role in your life for so long by resisting. They will happen eventually anyway, so in that sense you are only blocking everyone including yourself from progressing to the next stage.

Be the person who changes this world. The one who doesn’t need the urge to unite because knows deep inside that we’re all one.

Be the one.


I was being interviewed in a worldwide competition and they wanted me to tell a single word in my language to everyone out there improvised and I just shouted out:


It means create (In a politely imperative way), and it implies a way of thinking about this world rather than a shallowly small dictionary definition. It’s a lifestyle, it’s what unleashes our true selves. We all have our imagination but not all of us have found our native ways of expressing it. As long as you do something that inherits something from your imagination it doesn’t really matter what you do:

Make music. Code. Draw. Dance. Paint. Design. Go freestyle. It doesn’t matter. As long as you create something, as long as there’s a creative thinking process, forget the rest. Find the things that you do passionately and I’m confident to say that you’ll be putting creativity in it even if it’s something that’s apparently boring for others. It shouldn’t matter for you as long as you love doing it anyway.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know which way to go? Start somewhere and start walking in some way. If it’s wrong way you discover what you don’t want at this stage of your life, great, turn around and try walking another way. There’s a path for all of us, and only you can follow that inner fire to find your own way. When you find it embrace it but also leave an open door to any opportunities. I like many things that I wasn’t interested in before: I like music that wouldn’t have listened ten years ago, I’m interested in people that I wouldn’t even say hello three years ago, I’m now into activities that I didn’t like before… this goes a looong list.

Find your way into the love and passion, and create to live what you love.


Let’s go

Hey. You asleep? Wake up, it’s time to go. I don’t know where, but let’s just jump into the car and let it take wherever it takes us. A village, another city, or, most likely, some new place in the nature. A fresh place to discover, share, and enjoy. Some rocky beach besides the shallow blue or some cool forest with long trees.

Does it matter? As long as we’re together, as long as we feel the connection, as long as I can touch you, we can enjoy any place. Let’s create, build, explore, travel. Let’s relearn to enjoy the moments; something that we’ve forgotten long time ago. As long as I can turn my back and know that you’re there for me, as long as I can trust you to death, I will go wherever you want with you. We will do whatever we want, make this world full of love both for each other and everyone else.

If only I knew your face, if only I knew who you are, everything would fall onto their perfect spot, yet I know wherever and whoever you are, we look at the same stars at night, and want the same one thing:



It’s empty and cold here. Nothing good, nothing hopeful, nothing real, nothing dangerous. Just nothing. You don’t remember last time you touched, hugged, or kissed someone. You don’t remember how anything intimate feels like. Everybody is gone, everywhere is empty, every minute is eternity.

Everywhere you stare at is nothing but darkness, all the feelings vanished. Where is everybody? You feel like you’re the only one left out here. Got your friends and family but something deeper inside is missing. Even at the comfort of your friends, family, home, well being, focusing to be your best, something deeper that you need is missing and nothing can fill that gap.

Where do you go when you’re stuck in the void? Where do you go when no one that can save you is even aware of your existence? How stronger should you scream to realize that no one will hear you and you’re silently traveling into cold deep eternal space from your home and nobody is even searching for you?

How does it feel? Maybe that’s why you’re not scared of death as you used to do. Maybe that’s why you don’t give a shit about the pandemic. You wish everything was different, you wish a single flip in a variable that would end up resulting in a chain reaction would change everything. But darling, it’s dark here. There is no hope, no breath, no heartbeat of anybody. And you are tired of experiencing fundamentals of your reality is being destroyed over and over into the void.

It’s just void here and you know it’s scarier than death.

Black deal

Hey, I think I’m asleep again, nice to see you again here. It’s been a whole day since we last met. Why did we separate for so long, every minute that I’m awake feels like an eternity? I wanna go home. Do you hear me? Are you just a dusty mirror covered in loneliness of years, or is it just you who’s not responding? Are you there, why aren’t you giving me a sign? Whatever you are I miss you and sleep is the only place I find you.

That’s why I want to sleep forever. If you don’t exist in what we call the physical reality, what is the point of all the experiences? What is the point of traveling, sharing, creating, and trying to build a life, if I’ll be doing this all alone? Why is there a second plate in this dinner table where I’m eating by myself? 

This is enough. I want to make a deal with you: don’t let me leave here without you. Either find me in the physical dimension, or don’t let me go back. Take this life, I want to stay with you. I want to be with you forever. I want to live you. I’m tired of sleep being only place that I feel safe. I’m tired of living all those potentially beautiful years without you. Either manifest, exist, realize, be… or take me to the dark side. The side where there is no more pain, no more endless hours, no more breath. No more heartbeat. And I’ll never be without you again.

Don’t let me wake without you.

Going there

Maybe it was never about going there. It was all about knowing that you’ll be there again. It’s about knowing that all the possibilities, multiple coherent timelines are out here, and you can jump back to your universe again.

Who did this to you? How come you ended up here? How did you fall into this geometric hole of singularity, where everything is multidimensional and you feel dimensionless. How do you end up in void if you never step into another dimension? How can our reality turn into nothing?

All the bad things. They come as a sequence, or together. Life attacks you from different angles, breaking your sense of being an entity. The moment you say that it can’t be worse, it becomes worse. Waking up, stabilizing your mind over and over again into a higher level of consciousness, you start to realize a pattern, a dead loop. As you start recognizing the slight details you discover that something’s not right. The whole apparent loop is actually a Möbius Strip from a higher dimension. When you step onto the dimension which projects the physical world, you realize all the darkness that you fear is just shadows of the foreshadowing about the next stage in your life.

You start to realize all the things that were apparently bad were to bring you to this day. There is a path you need to take, and believe me, read this over and over if you need, but believe me, it’s for us. It’s a special plan, you don’t remember it, right? Did you really forget all of it? Did you really forget that we’ve constructed this dystopian scenario with the plot twist and the happiest ending ever? Did you remember how we then projected ourselves into this lower dimension where we wouldn’t remember a thing, and just enjoy the ride, even if forcefully? If only I remembered your face or your voice…

You don’t need to remember it darling. You just need to start seeing the patterns in the noise. Before proclaiming a steganographer, you first rule out cognitive factors such as confirmation bias, delusion, and apophenia. You collect more and more data, the calmer you stay the more patterns emerge, taking you to the clues of what could have been resulted in them in the first place. You just need to reverse engineer the synchronicities and other coincidental occurances. Then you remember one thing: there is no such a thing as a coincidence. Everything is going perfectly but your dumb mind, darling, is making up stories and clouding your vision. Just as my mind. But wherever and whoever you are, we’re headed to the sweetest intersection point, ever.

But life, apparently, doesn’t like spoilers, especially for dramatic endings. So, darling, enjoy the ride to the climax for now. Because after it, we’ve got a party and a life to live. Namaste.