Let’s go

Hey. You asleep? Wake up, it’s time to go. I don’t know where, but let’s just jump into the car and let it take wherever it takes us. A village, another city, or, most likely, some new place in the nature. A fresh place to discover, share, and enjoy. Some rocky beach besides the shallow blue or some cool forest with long trees.

Does it matter? As long as we’re together, as long as we feel the connection, as long as I can touch you, we can enjoy any place. Let’s create, build, explore, travel. Let’s relearn to enjoy the moments; something that we’ve forgotten long time ago. As long as I can turn my back and know that you’re there for me, as long as I can trust you to death, I will go wherever you want with you. We will do whatever we want, make this world full of love both for each other and everyone else.

If only I knew your face, if only I knew who you are, everything would fall onto their perfect spot, yet I know wherever and whoever you are, we look at the same stars at night, and want the same one thing: