The best chapter

Why can’t we play hide-and-seek anymore? Why can’t we run in the fields, running from our imaginary monsters which were perfectly harmless in our sandbox? Why can’t we love everything unconditionally?

At which point did we become our own slaves to power, money, and authority in an addictive way? At which point did we start screaming and start filling ourselves with greed, feeding isolation and anxiety.

When did we become anxious? When did all those panic attacks of our own defense mechanism start to scare us? When did we leave ourselves alone and start becoming someone else of whom role that we don’t even know how to act in any uncontrolled terror-filled chaotic environment?

How can we go back? How can we go forward? How can we escape from the war between zeroes and ones, black and white, and find home again? How do we reach where we belong, if we don’t have a compass in the first place?

Should we look at the stars? Should we start realizing the fact that home is not s physical place, that it is the peace of mind? Should we hold hands and watch the planets fall into the glowing mysteries of Earth as minutes turn into hours of the preparation of another sunrise? Should we just, you know, as we seem to like each other, kiss?

Can’t we find those days that look like as its in eternity, here? Can’t we unite and change the world? Can’t we feel the connection? Can’t we dive into the forgotten memory where we used to feel that connection to every other being, every other particle in the multiverse? Can’t you forget everything that keeps you away from this true reality that there’s nothing to be scared of?

Isn’t it time to continue the best chapter?