If you love someone

If you love someone, push them away. If they are really someone who needs to be in your life, they’ll eventually find their way without even realizing it themselves. If you want someone so deeply, desire them desperately, and don’t want anyone else no matter how attractive the people around you are, let go.

Sometimes this is the only way to survive. You want to find “the one” and life gives you “many others”. Maybe it’s just not the time for the one. Maybe either you or that “the one” isn’t ready to rock for the prime time. Maybe you just need some more irresponsible funtime, or maybe she/he is just not ready for you yet. Maybe it’s just them who need more time to settle down before facing the true you. Maybe it’s just them who need to get ready for the epic embrace that will change both of your lives forever.  It did happen to me. Again and again. And it keeps happening, each time with more power, each time with more synchronicity.

Because everyone goes away at some point. The right ones see who is right for them, and come back. How can they understand the value of the true, deep connection if they never had a chance to taste the shallow ones anyway? Let them go away into the wild and see what they are truly missing. The ones who are intellectual enough to realize what they are missing when you’re not around will simply come back. And it will be a more powerful bond than ever.