They always ask me why I don’t have a girlfriend with so many “options” around, and I think today’s the day to answer this question…

You know that popular hot blonde “chick” who isn’t smart but super sexy at all those classy venues? Of course you do, and you probably fantasize about her. Everybody does, right? 

Wrong. I don’t. I couldn’t give less fucks about those superficial fleshes trying to sell their body parts. I don’t want those “hot” girls trading their nipples for Instagram likes. I don’t want dancers, I don’t want travelers, models, I don’t want a girl who goes to all parties and festivals. I don’t wanna wannabes, I don’t want a girl with thousands of followers.

I never liked dancing or dancers, I absolutely hate traveling and I never found those “models” attractive anyway. I never liked a blonde girl either; I’m into dark short hair with forelock. I don’t like tans either, I’m into white skinned girls. I don’t like those long legged either, I’m into short girls. But the most important aspect isn’t any of these. I need someone at the same intellectual level with me; she should understand my deepest English dark-humor memes and should be able to bond at a level thet most people aren’t even aware of. I want someone whom it’s worth traveling the world with, someone who can make me love all the things I can’t enjoy.

I want an unhappy girl. Wait, what? Yup. You read it right. I want someone who can feel that some intrinsic part of her is missing. Someone who doesn’t do many things because she knows it’s only good when it’s shared with someone like you. I want someone who wants to experience everything on this world and beyond with me. I want someone who is full of life, waiting to be unleashed. Because this is who I am; there are so many things that I want to share and I just need someone like me. I know that with someone just like me I can rock the world. I did it before. I’ve seen how beautiful this world could be, so don’t pull the popular “someone who is unhappy can’t make you happy too” crap. Because they can. I’ve lived that before. The last person I could love and accept as my girlfriend was a geeky hacker who didn’t like to be popular and didn’t use any social media. People are meant to be together, and it’s perfectly normal to be unhappy when alone. It’s perfectly normal to be extremely sad and suicidal when there’s so much to share and you feel all alone in space as more and more time passes. And it’s also perfectly normal to be the happiest couple ever if these two “sad” people finally join their lives.

Then they create many things together; share experiences, make music and art, and live.

Until I find that girl, I’ll stay single. Because love is sacred and I want someone that is worth sharing all I’ve got to share with.