Grow up

Grow up. Aren’t these the words that we constanly keep hearing from “adults” who thinks our naturally instinctive behavior is unacceptable? As you grow old you try to hold onto your dreams as the society tries to pull us apart from our identity and replace it with a robotic egocentric identity of a grown up? An identity where you must become a slave of money, marry and make a child, send them to school for brainwash, format their brain and install this self-replicating malware that silences our dreams to a level that we’d need to scream to hear ourselves in the mirror of the universe. An identity where playing games, jumping around, singing in the streets, talking to many strangers, expressing our feelings and thoughts in a direct and raw manner is no longer acceptable. A society that judges you by the numbers in your bank account and the uniform you need to wear called socioeconomical status. A world where talking about boring politicians on the manipulation device called television is accepted but getting five minutes late to somewhere because you are trying to beat that final monster in a videogame is not. 

Then there is a time that the power within ourselves becomes to strong that it finally rips the uniform that were holding us tight and breaking that blindfold into pieces, letting ourselves into our eyes and dreams, forcing us to finally look at the mirror of the universe once again. As we enlighten more, our ego starts to die, our connection to the social media is replaced by the ultimate connection to all the beings and the universe as our intrinsic frequency of our consciousness is restored. 

Finally we realize that time has always been an illusion and this enlightenment was always within you. Once you break all the clocks on Earth there’s no longer time. There are no longer ticks. There is no more separation; as Sagan says “we are all stardust”. We all come from the very same spot on the universe, from the very same building blocks of the physical reality, obeying the very same rules in the atomic level. Isn’t it insane for the older people to tell us to grow up and develop an ego when we are all literally the same thing in the whole universe?

Never grow up. Play games, do stupid things, tell people your deepest parts without fearing how this society would judge you. Bring out whatever is inside you, unleash that creative flux of reflecting your inner self to the macroscopic physical world with art. You can never become a successful artist because we are all successful artists even before we are born. We just need to remember who we are; because the more we realize that we’re all artpieces making up this universe, there’s nothing anymore to be afraid or to run away from.

Stay young. Forever.