Out of Control

What would you do if you were spiraling out of control? What would you hold on to if everything is rotating in chaos?

Is there even an answer to that?

It’s one of those days that you wake up and feel dreaded and chaotic, as if you’ve woken up to an evil parallel universe for no apparent reason. You feel like something terrible is going to happen with no control at your side at all. It feels like everything you’ve fought for will collapse. You just feel disconnected and isolated.

It comes to a point that you don’t want to stay awake and hold on to any bottle that would keep you away from “reality”. But what is reality? Isn’t it the question that you’ve always asked? Isn’t it that one very question that you’d have a relief if you had the answer for?

So what is the thing that you would do if you’ve got no one to hold on to? When you can’t hold onto your friends, family, or anyone at all, when you can’t feel connected to anyone, when you feel isolated from the universe, what would you do? If you start not caring about the world, where would you start building your life back on? If you’d do anything to find that intimate connection, where would you go?

Would you ever find a place that would experience you a peace of mind?