God Mode

You can accomplish anything you want, except one thing. You can play the god, manipulate the environment in ways that the regular mortal can’t imagine.

But you can imagine. You can imagine a whole universe inside your consciousness where every single entity has a role.

What if you enter a cheat code, and suddenly you can change everything, but except one thing: you are lonely. You are lonely as god.

You do everything but you’ve got no one to share it with. It just doesn’t make sense. Does it really matter? If you’ve got everything but couldn’t find your goddess, is it of any intrinsic meaning to live it all? In this arena of wannabe goddesses, where you know none is real, how do you slip yourself?

Maybe all we need is a simpler life, with all we really need, and that’s it. No more games, no more meaningless challenges that deviate you away from your path. No more disconnected, and that’s it.