Nothing to Lose

Many people ask why, and I ask why not. We are all lost in our bare understanding of our reality. We are so focused on our image of self, that we forget to remember who we all are.

Do they deserve anything? Do they really understand why we’re here anyway? How do we slip through all those who don’t understand, to rise, and to teach the world why we exist? To teach them to love everything and beyond.

We are the ones that walk along the thin rope to save the world. It’s getting thinner and thinner as we walk faster and faster. We are the ones who close their eyes and walk blindly on the railroad.

Don’t we all risk our lives, our already-dead lives into the void anyway? What really does happen when you wait on the middle of the railroad anyway? It brings the inevitable end just a bit closer, nothing particular on the cosmic timescale.

Do any of us matter anyway? Who will remember us when we die? Nobody wants to die, everyone wants to live. Live to the fullest, and share this life with someone that they can rely on. Someone that makes sense. Someone who shines a meaning to this whole thing. What would you do if you don’t have anyone?

Isn’t the calm whisper of death sweeter than life? Don’t you feel the uncomparable feeling of having the right to do literally anything with no obligation of expression to anyone whatsoever? If you deserve something and fight the neverending war inside your head, but can’t have it, are there really any rules for you to obey? Can’t you crack your own way out, whatever that is to realize yourself?

Do you really need to obey anything when you’ve got nothing to lose?