Ninety nine

When ninety nine is the greatest number that you know, can you even comprehend the existence of one hundred?

I know you’re there, and I know very few people can even get close to ninety nine. Maybe you are one of them. If you are reading this you might really be in this group; the people who can’t fit into the mainstream society, the ones who don’t enjoy what regular people do. The ones that are born with the “illness” to feel the need to create. The blessing of creative freedom and the curse of existential crisis. The ever-growing anxiety and its dreaded manifestation of panic, attacking and forcing us into terror. The chaotic chamber of everything burning down, death and creation dancing with the rhythm. 

Then you meet someone. Someone who shows you a new number: one hundred. Suddenly you realize that you haven’t ever realized the fact that there could be more to all of this. You start accepting the fact that there could be numbers beyond your imagination. You start seeing colors for the first time after living in monochrome. You realize that there could be things beyond your imagination; things that you couldn’t imagine that they could have been imagined, a higher order function in your abstract thinking.

Maybe that’s the point in this illusion called time that you start questioning your paradigm.