There is a mirror version of you in a parallel universe. In a universe where you have control. In a universe where you finally live your dreams instead of pursuing them. A place where all that happened makes sense. Wouldn’t you risk everything you have to be able to touch that reality? Wouldn’t you want to reach out your arm, gently touch that door knob, open that dusty wooden door and hear the cracking as you finally take your step to the world you belong in? Aren’t you ready to head back home after so many years of missing the scents of your childhood and beyond? The essences that you can’t even remember. Are you ready to jump to this beautiful universe? I know you want to. Whoever and wherever you are, dear mirror. Because we’ve been so far away from our reality, and I know you miss home as much as I do, darling. And it’s time to finally to go back home. It’s finally the time to meet.

I know unexplainable events and weird coincidences keep on occuring in a loop that feeds from itself where the posivite feedback makes all the flow of ideas and symbols impossible to reject. You are not alone. I’m having the same too. The symptoms of possible parallel universes that we can focus our perspective to, that we can feed upon, that we can jump into. A universe where past and future doesn’t make sense because now is finally real. Don’t you want to join? Don’t you want to have a sweet taste of finally touching something real?

Don’t you want to touch this mirror world beyond this glass?