All the noises suddenly go silent. The lights go black, the wind stops completely as if someone shut the window. Then you’re with that person that you’ve always talked to, again. It’s calm and you see that home is still somewhere there. It’s a person. You don’t know who she is, you don’t know if she’s right here or at the other end of the world. You don’t know her name or face, but you know who she is deep inside. You know her, you just don’t know which body she’s hiding in. You remember her, you just don’t remember her resemblence or identity.

But she’s there, trying to find you in the darkness. Trying to light a universe within with a candle, trying to explore the dark areas of the map that she never discovered. What is the next level? The one that’s after you defeat the final boss and save your princess. The one that you kiss her wildly and have the craziest sex of your life, censored by the targeting of the game to broader audiences where exposing a perfectly natural and beautiful reality like sexualy is socially unacceptable, pixelating every visible detail until anything at all no longer makes sense.

This shouldn’t be how it’s meant to be. This shouldn’t be the game anyone’s gotta be playing at all.

Life’s meant to be intimate, not isolated. We are programmed to be social creatures, we have evolved to love and to be loved. The society is playing against our natural instincts, blaming us for things that are perfectly normal, forcing us to behave like robots.

For some, this works. They are meant to be slaves; programmable humans that do a boring job that can easily be replaced by a robot. They are still relevant because governments need to take care of them until they die. They don’t create, they don’t question. They just go to school, study for their lessons, then grow up and get a job at an office, spend their years in that shithole, trying to rise up. 

The enlightened ones can see the potential in them, but they need to see the light for themselves. How can someone reflect a photon back when all they’ve got is darkness anyway? Hope they wake up soon. But maybe, they have never meant to wake up in the first place. They are meant to be NPCs, controlled by a collection of algorithm barely useful to push into production. Barely useful in being a gear in the machinary.

Barely visibile in the darkness.