I love crafting stories as the main character myself. It gives this life a purpose, a meaning. Otherwise, isn’t it so dull? Isn’t it missing a key piece in this puzzle with no boundaries? If there’s a long story with no place that you can fit yourself in, if there’s no room for yourself in the plot, is it worth the journey? Would you waste your time turning the cover, or pressing that hard plastic lifeless play button?

If you can’t look through their eyes, if you can’t find a parallel with your own life, what is the purpose of listening to a story where you don’t belong in? If you can’t wear the clothes of the protagonist, if you can’t be their consciousness locked inside their head, if you don’t wanna be them and want to scream just like them, if you can’t find a possible identity within them to hold onto in this void, why should a story matter for you?

Why should someone else’s story matter? Isn’t life too short to live others’ bullshit? Aren’t we meant to be live our own personalized plot, crafted by some higher level of our consciousness? 

Isn’t that what we live for, after all?