So many things out there that we can’t explain. That we cannot make a sense of within our paradigm. Every time when we sleep we lose the connection to this realm, aligning our consciousness to be transferred to a parallel universe. Something’s inside us, or something… is us. There are no limits to who you can, what you can do, to whom you can reach out to, and how you can change the world. The only limit is inside your head. The only limit is the neural connections within your brain. 

Mind is a blessing and a curse. For most people, ignorance is bliss: grow up, follow soccer games to find an identity to belong in a superficial group to feed the loneliness of your ego, watch the TV and the news about politics, vote for leaders, waste time on social media, believe in things without questioning, get brainwashed, get a 9/5 job with a mediocre salary, spend time with inferior friends and colleagues instead of improving yourself, find someone worth spending rest of your resources with, who is just dull as you, marry, make children, and inject this inferiority virus into them since day one, manipulating their neuroplastic brains to spread your own narrow-minded fundamentally flawed arguments about world that have no intrinsic value, get obsessed with money, triggering your inferiority complex rigged up by the capitalistic lifestyle; you aren’t worth unless you are a member of a club, buy these new cool stuff, or be part of the latest trends. 

Build up stress, instead of coping with the underlying problems suppress them with metropolitan activities, alcohol, smoking, and pharmacy-approved drugs that are definitely safe for you, avoid any plants and fungi that humanity has evolved together with that would result in your breakthrough because you trust authorities that keep telling that they are bad, keeping you in the brainwash loop. Eat three meals a day because it’s what is right, use fluoride-based toxic toothpastes because the almost-imperceivable change in whiteness of your teeth is obviously more important than your health, spend less time interacting with nature and animals because they’re not sterile enough, consume everything without actually creating anything. Build up more stress with the energy growing inside you, don’t listen to your body’s signals evolved in millions of years and instead what the society and the doctors tell you, develop diseases, intolerances, allergies, both physical and mental conditions that haven’t existed until last several decades.

Let your children grow up based on what you think is right, send them to brainwashing schools, make them have brainwashed friends, and try to exclude them from anything or anyone that doesn’t belong in your society’s norms. Believe in bullshit, live and love in bullshit, and die in bullshit. But hey, at least you followed the rules set by an ancient fantastic invisible man and you’ll be great at the other side.

Mind is a curse. At least you don’t cope with existential crisis and the very notion of void every day. You don’t need to worry about any deeper problems or reality itself: you don’t even know that you don’t know those problems that you can’t even imagine. Life is easy, right? Focus on trying to make more money in a system where economy is controlled by entities that you don’t know that exists and where even lottery is rigged, and you’ll be fine. Watch the puppets at the tip of the iceberg and watch the staged fights of important people on TV, successfully dividing community to control them individually based on their weaknesses.

And then there is us. The minority who is aware of what’s going on, at least to some extent. The people who accept the universe as it is, and instead of putting a concrete wall of abstraction, unite with it. The ones who try to give more than they take. The outliers who can see the world from above, the followers of the Overview Effect. We are the ones who should unite and teach the rest to live. Instead of polarizing, we should help the less fortunate. We should save The Mind from being a collective curse and start seeing its potential. Instead of fighting our minds, we should join forces for a better world. But how can we love and accept our antagonist as they are, when they continuously try to prevent us to get them out of their shell in the first place? How do we open our hearts to the dark? When we find the answer all the rest will be resolved. Because when we make peace with war, we make peace with our fears, anxiety, suspicion. We make peace with everything. And they leave their places to love, gratitude, and synchronicities. And when synchronicities take over, well, magic happens.

And darling you know what?

I love magic.