The day I will find you, I’ll be ready to change everything about my life. Because it’s worth it. It’s worth leaving everything behind and starting a new life even at the other side of the Earth. I don’t know and I don’t care what’s at stake, all I know is finding someone you’re meant to be with means leaving everything behind and being with them. Even if it means leaving your routine, your friends, your old home and where you live, your job, and whatever that makes up your normal life.

You’re not getting it darling. We’re having great life already in a parallel universe. All of this haven’t happened. No one died, no pandemic has started, and we never separated. I never had to search for you in different bodies. You never betrayed me, you never made me lose my trust in people, you never did the evil things that I never, ever deserved.

In a parallel universe you are with me, we’ve set up a life together. I know your name and face, and I love how you make me feel. We’re going anywhere we want, doing anything we want. Everybody envy us, and we lead everybody into our way of living the life: simple, full of love, and with trust. 

I need to find you, no matter how many parallel universes I span. Everything’s doomed in here, and I don’t see a way out. The things I care about the most tend to end up the worst possible way that I can imagine. Let me out of this nightmare.

I know, somewhere out there, there is a world that we belong in. There is a world that we aren’t alone. There is a world that we are alive. There is a world without the constant fear of death. There is a world that instead of hopelessly watching all the powerful feelings within burn me everyday, we can unleash our potential, channel all that energy into the things we love to do!

That day should come soon. Hey, are you listening to me? Do you even comprehend what I’m saying? I know you do. This place is doomed, it’s gonna blow up soon, and I need to get out of it before it kills me. We hold the two keys to unlock the exit, and we need to find each other and escape otherwise we both die. This dimension is toxic: with toxic people, toxic feelings, and things that are completely out of my control, always making people do their worst. This place is breaking down, so do we.

This doesn’t need to be the way it is. This was never the way life was meant to be. This is just a game. This is just a stupid game in a parallel universe.

Soon, darling, whoever you are,

We’ll wake up together.

And the last few years of our lives will have never happened. We will say “what a nightmare it was”, looking into each others’ eyes in our bed, smiling. Then, peacefully, with the relaxation of having it all ended, we will have a lovely breakfast. Maybe watch a movie and our favorite series. Go for a walk by the sea, have our coffee or daytime beer, and laugh at actually having dreamt about having a virus kill lots of people worldwide and believing in it. Seeing the obvious cues about arguments about all there was being a simulation, and all those synchronocities that science can never explain, how could we not realize that it was us who made it up collectively, breaking the world.

But hey, let’s just forget about this bad dream and jump into the sea now. And I’ve prepared a surprise just for you.

Are you ready to see it?