Anything Wrong?

What really happens when you lose your last gasp of grip? Would you be scared of not being able to have an effect on the outcomes of the events? Would you be afraid of the circumstances?

Why do we try not to lose control anyway? Is it programmed into our DNA? Does it play an evolutionary role?

When we lose control we face our true self, and when we look into the mirror we see inside of our true eyes. We dive deep into our darkest secrets; the ones that we can’t even tell ourselves.

The blurring mask of lie is lifted and we know the reasons that build the foundation of some of our dark thoughts. Are we meant to know what our thougts are made of? Do we have the ability to grasp the topics that define the rules of this universe? Do our brains that we think that are in three dimensional space with time able to physically record this undefined format of information?

We can’t even accept ourselves and our very nature, yet we feel the thrive to conquer whatever we see. We are so lost in our deep ego that we cannot see a reflection of our collective consciousness.

How can you see something, when you close ypur eyes anyway? How can you find the unknown, when you don’t know what you are looking for, in the first place?

Would order be enough or would you need some chaos into your mind? Do you want to burn some pathways down? Do you need to introduce unknowns into this system and expect it to reach any remotely-conveivable way of equilibrium? Isn’t losing control the natural way of reaching peace in the long run anyway?

Then I ask again; is there really anything wrong with losing control anyway?