Sometimes I just wanna be like normal people. Wake up, go to work, be a slave, come back, spend all your daily gain on stuff that keeps you in the loop. Maybe watch a movie, occasionaly buy something new. Put a little saving if you are lucky. Spend all of it on travel. And I think that’s it.


A life with no purpose, the humanized version of being a robot. Not thinking anything, just obeying and fitting into the rules of the modern society. That’s what normal people do, right? “Live.”

Smoke every five minutes go out and pretending to work while actually doing nothing. Going out with your coworkers after a hard day, spending everything in a restaurant for a few drinks and a line of cocaine in the bathroom. Smile at everyone and talk the shit behind them, expecting a rise in that small corporational fortress that you think will supercharge you. That’s the norm now.

Not thinking, just being a small gear in a stupid machine with no purpose. But I’m jealous of them. Maybe I need to wake up to the scratching sound of the alarm like them, go to work at 9am like them, do what I’m told to do, spend my lunches at restaurants full of corporate robot clones, have small talks like them, find a stupid robot girlfriend just like them, have boring casual sex like them, maybe marry that girl that I’d never really love, but that’s what society expects, right?

You need a job at a plaza, rise until you hit the glass ceiling, spend all your earnings in believing in things that you need to keep you in the loop, marry a stupid robot in that same league, create a casual identity that fits perfectly into the society of the antidepressant-filled people with no feelings.

That’s not my thing, that has never been my thing, honey. It’s all stupid and I’m jealous of it, because they are the ones who don’t think, they are the ones that just go with the flow without questioning.

They are in their small circle, pursuing their little dreams, living their happy lives.

Do you want to be like them anyway?