You love stories. We all do. We all welcome any poetic devices that add meaning to our lives. The ones that we feel safe losing ourselves inside. But all plots need an ending, and we reach that point in the stage that we realize to be the last exit before the epilogue.

Stories are meant to be ridden, and some of them are never meant to be finished; their last page end with an ellipsis. The single character that opens doors to all possibilities. Indication of the author’s cue of intending to create the perfect dream world in your mind. 

What if you go down the unintended route? What if you scratch and tear down the last few pages of a book or leave the theater before the movie is over. That story will never end for you. Then you can dream in your perfect ending. Build up an entire world of possibilities in the realm that you don’t want to leave. A realm that you wanted to be a part of, the one that you belong in. Maybe it is the best way to end