Illusion of Time

Hello again. It’s been a long time. Maybe not for you, but for me. How do we define time anyway? Is that the little electromechanical reaction that happens to rotate that little arm on your watch every second? But what is second? Is it really defined by the radiation of cesium-133 atoms? Do you really experience cesium atoms? Do you experience anything in the abstraction realm of this world anyway? From a higher dimension isn’t time just another quantitative measurement unit that cannot bind our experience to any specific moment? Our mere experience of time existing is only in our minds. Once we tune off from the frequency of the thoughts that allow time to exist in the first place, there is no time. The whole dimension of time is an illusion, so are the derived concepts past and future. Once you break away from it and realize that what we are is the only existance, you are gaining freedom in the so-called temporal dimension. Be present.