The worst is to lose all hope. You want something so deeply and realize that it’s never going to happen. As long as you’ve got hope, it can happen. Where is the line? Where is the breaking point?

How can you see yourself from the third person’s view when you’re trapped inside your head?

There’s something terribly wrong with this world that I’d like to fix. Everybody have lost their true nature of love and a collective fighting of their ego have taken over. I don’t know where to start, but I know where to end.

Instead of fighting over who has more money or prestige, instead of fighting over who is “better”, wouldn’t it be better if we all held hands. Wouldn’t it be better if all the humans, regardless of nationality or gender, all the animals, and the sentience of the universe came together and remember that we are one after all.

If you’ve lost the sign of hope, if you know the ending chapter but not the introduction to an epic plot, where would you start? Would you ever be able to start anyway, or would you need someone to guide you?

How do you trust them? How do you trust anyone but yourself? Even when you hold hands would you be ever sure that they are in the same intellectual capacity? Would you really be able to know that they aren’t trying to abuse you?

Would you know that they won’t leave you on the middle of the road, alone? Would you want to continue without them, into the darkness of the night, even if you knew that the sun would take over anyway?

But if never left and walked together with you to the end… isn’t just the dream of it worth giving a shot for?