As your fears

You are vulnerable as your fears. Nothing can harm you more than what you can fear. And now, face your greatest fears; dive into them instead of running away… you’ve ran for so long darling. Look into the eye and run into as fast as you could ever imagine. Look at the mirror that you’ve been afraid to look at, with everything naked, and see that the way out of this game that you’ve created inside your mind is only through recognizing that it’s just a game. You’ve fought a lot and reached the final boss. And the hardest part of all wasn’t this monster’s physical strength; it was, despite being powerless, the fact that it had convicted you that you can never defeat it.

Leave yourself now. Stop resisting. Let whatever’s gonna happen, whatever is meant to be, happen. And may nothing be able to harm you again. Let your body down, feel the warm touch of the wind as you fall closer to the truth. Then open your eyes at the spot that you fear the most. Wear your crown at the spotlights of the movie scene that you are afraid of seeing the most.

Be your life’s agonist, kill the greatest fear that tried to kill you, and change reality.