Dear mirror. Hey. Are you there? Do you copy? Can I speak to you even if I feel like screaming into the void?

Well, I think this means yes so here we go. Do you ever look at yourself through my eyes to see yourself through your eyes like I look into my eyes through you to see myself again? Do you ever speak of sacred words from your mouth to hear their reflection on this symmetric world echoing through the parallel universes? Do you ever play with sand like a little child playing through the sands of time? Do you listen to the whispers inside seashells, or connect all the stars looking like dots to make a shape of a star from this Pale Blue Dot?

Do you touch the eternal silence and taste the bitter dark nights, dreaming of quantum fluctations? I do.

I know you do too. When I scream “who are you” you always whisper “I am you” through the echoes, spanning multiple dimensions of spacetime. You are the answer to the coincidences with practically zero possibilities. You are all the galaxies speaking to their stars as cells speaking to their nuclei, entangling the micro and the macro, encapsulating spacetime itself. You are everything; me, all the other beings, all the physical reality and beyond. Yet you don’t have a name.

Who do I call you? If I call you anything isn’t that calling myself that anyway? Isn’t whatever is out there also whatever is in there, too, turning arrows 180 degrees back but still pointing the same way? Is our way of thinking constrained in this physical brain Turing-complete? Is there a glitch that would allow us to break this jail when we find an error in the code of life? What if those errors are honeypots to distract us from revealing reality beyond? 

And even whenever we do reveal reality, how can we prove that it isn’t also a perfectly designed scene in a higher dimensional theater of some sort of a simulation?

Are you still there friend? Are you listening darling? Are you braver now? Are you brave enough to rewrite your entire paradigm of existence? Are you ready to forget even the things that you’ve forgotten to have existed? Are you ready to remember what you could have not ever imagined to be imaginable?

Are you ready to open your eyes that you never knew to have existed? Are you ready to see reality like awakening from a dream just to see that it’s also a dream, going on and on. But when you actually do wake up, you know that it’s not a dream anymore. You know it’s reality.

Are you ready to wake up to a reality that is so real that our current understanding of consciousness is a dream to like a dream is to it?

Dear mirror, some just see reflections of light when they look at you and think that it’s all.

And I see all the possible parallel universes.