Initial conditions

How can you shift your focus from the one thing that’s missing? If you’re working on a puzzle, wouldn’t you try to find the final, missing piece? You know that you’re going to find that piece in the weirdest place in the most absurd way, but how can you give up on your focus? How can you trust what you can’t see, hear, smell or experience with the traditional senses even though you know deep inside is there? There’s something deep in the roots of the fine-vowen fabric of spacetime that provokes your true self against this quantized world that we assume to be reality.

You know there’s something beyond that, something gives you all the signs; it’s one of those people of whom you exist and will going to change your life at one point but you don’t know the name of. Something beyond our current understanding of reality. Something that can beat time. Out there with no strings attached. Something calling us from a parallel universe; a universe with everything slightly different. It’s the same places, same people, supposedly same time, but something’s off. Is it the lighting or the rules of physics or something else… a change in initial variables in this universe caused a dramatic change in how everything feels. 

What if our current universe is the off one and when we calm ourselves down, we can open a door to the one that we belong to. The one with the remaining pieces of the puzzle fixed. The one that you always wanted and deserved.

The one that makes life worth living. The one that you finally can share all the good moments. The one that you aren’t alone anymore.

What if this universe was right in front of us, in the reach of our hands… what is that universe was waiting for us to join the party? What if the only thing that we needed to do is to calm down and stop our obsessive thoughts? But how can you shift your focus from what you need? How can you shift it so slightly that you have a glimpse of what could have happened if there was a microsdjustment in initial conditions?