We are the ones

We’re fighting against the socially accepted norms in our neural fortress. We have a more intimate connection with life itself. Maybe advanced technology will save us from ourselves, from this empire of destruction that many thought to be the real life. Living in constant stimulation, torn apart from what we are meant to be. This never made sense to us. We are all one, and we need to save the rest of us.

Don’t we all make mistakes? Mistakes that start a chain reaction that cause other mistakes, to a point where the inevitable is unstoppable. When we do realize what we’ve done it’s too late. 

So where is the exit sign? Where is the end to all of this? Is there a happy ending?

Is there an ending at all?

Or are we just dreaming? Dreaming so that when we wake up, we’ll all be together, just stare at what tried to separate us and thank that it’s over.

Thank that we’re one again, for once and for all.

Wouldn’t this be much better? Wouldn’t this be much better than anything you could have imagined?