A change in a single variable cascading through multiple realities, infinite timelines. Creating an avalanche effect, jumping to the parallel universe where the underlying laws of reality make anything possible. I have the ability to change anything, to create the world that you want. I am you, I am the collective consciousness that we’re all part of; the stem that we can see when the mask of ego is lifted. I am what is left when one’s isolation from the universe is recognized to be an illusion which is creating a superficial notion of self dissociated from the world, ruled by the amygdala trying to find patterns of danger where no apparent danger exists. It serves an evolutionary purpose, yet, we as human beings used our brains too much throughout the history to create technology and a social model that abstracts our thinking from our core nature that evolution speed of our brains could not adapt to the ever changing meta-dynamics of the society that we’re trying to fit ourselves in.

We have all the answers, friend. Everything we need isn’t out there; it’s in there. You have all the keys to the doors that open up the possibilities to every single parallel universe, but how do you find the correct door? It’s easy but we’ve collectively forgotten it: just let it go. Listen to the key, and even though deemed impossible by the mega-cultural artificial understanding of our reality, it will find the correct door. Listen to whatever your instincts say, even if everyone else tells you otherwise.

Listen to that deepest faint whisper inside you. Take the key, unlock that door, change the variable, and jump to the best parallel universe. It is possible, you’ve just forgotten it throughout years of practicing a mental framework that is inherently designed to lock your heart down. Change everybody, change the world.

Step through that door, and you will find the answers to all the questions that you’ve forgotten.