As I uncover the answers to more and more questions, shouldn’t I be facing less questions? Isn’t it how this whole thing meant to be? Why am I facing a dozen of new questions when I truly understand an answer? Is that such a divine force that orchestrates this neverending harmony of convoluted answers asking for more questions? Even if there was a divine entity that is omnipotent, would there be any way that we can disprove its existence? Hypothetically, even if we could disprove the existence of a deity, what would that really change anyway?

What would be different when you wake up in the morning? What would happen if we could prove its existence? 

What would you do if you had a friend that always listens to you? A friend whom that you know to be always there for you. How different would life be? Could you really trust it? Could you really trust that the whole game isn’t rigged? Could you really trust that your friend won’t leave you on your knees that you need to be helped the most?

How can you trust anyone once your anchor of trust has broken out of its chain by the ones that you trusted the most?