The Missing Piece

How do you get out of a safe box when all the doors are locked? How do you remember yourself?

This is how it all begins in a totally normal-looking socially acceptable night. I hear you. I hear your screams, your undeniable strong voice coming from somewhere deep inside. And I admit that I miss you a lot. You make me, well… me. Without you I would be a totally different being, something, a flesh, without a purpose.

All those months I’ve been trying to ignore you but in the end you hit a wall. Something brings you back to yourself. Something opens the road to the deepest pathway into who you really were in the first place.

I miss you. You don’t even know that you are the one, you probably will never know. But I always wanted to say, how would this life be if we were together…

All my fears would be gone, and after all those years, I’d be home. 

That missing piece would finally be in the right place for the first time in my, and maybe also your, life.

I’d finally be complete, I’d finally be one with the final missing piece that I’ve been always searching for.

That would be the only universe that I’d want to live in.

That would be the only world that I’d belong. 

There would finally be a purpose for all that there has been, all the bad things that finally brought us here to this very moment of reading and feeling all these lines in unison.

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but I can assure you that you’ll never know that this was all for you, friend. If you read it, you’ll think that this is for someone else. 

I miss you. A lot.

– End of transmission for now –