The irresistible urge to shout out. The feeling of knowing that something’s right. The synchronicity ex nihilo, the vibration of complete alignment that something, seemingly stupid from today’s perspective, will make perfect sense at the right time. We all feel it, and we’ve all done it, eventhough almost always not in a conscious manner.

What if our deepest, ever-seeing eye knows everything, and designed time to be the missing variable, when plugged correctly into the equation; the grand function, would make itself vanish, have identity effect, bypass all other variables like a ghost, trap itself inside our head, becoming our partner-in-crime in this ever unfolding story of life? Would life really be exciting if we were omniscient? If time had no effect on the space, would entropy ever exist anyway? Without entropy; the chaos that transform every piece of existence into creation and destruction, would there even be remote chance of the life as we know of to exist in the first place?

Maybe only by going through this paradoxical mirrors of reflecting each other into the darkness, we see the truth. You can’t jump higher if you don’t fall, after all.