So many

So many things inside my mind. So many words to say, so many feelings to scream out.

Knowing what you want is both a blessing and a curse. Wisdom always comes with a price, hence the popular saying that ignorance is bliss. 

I wanna run out, I wanna scream, I wanna scream into the stars, I want to fly into the galaxies. I wanna look into every living being’s eyes, I want to smell all the smells that I can perceive and beyond. I want to jump higher than the highest mountains, I want to open my eyes to see the entire universe. Every possible combination of all the particles that ever existed. I wanna talk to every person. 

All the thoughts storming inside my head faster than I can type or talk. Faster than I can conceive.

I want to listen all the songs, read all the books, watch all the videos, get a ride on every dream that you can think of, breathe all the air in, learn and master everything, embrace all the animals.

When you become the universe wouldn’t you become so alone that you need to find another universe just like you? How can you go on with the feeling of being connected when you need to find another missing piece of a greater puzzle to feed your ever-growing need of connection at a deeper level of consciousness?

How do you find yourself, when you don’t know which way to run? Do you really need to run anyway? Is there any way to silence the berserking thoughts of approaching the inevitable death and being alone?

How do you stop all these feelings, when you are so used to running away from everyday? How can you stop all of it when it screams rights into your face every day, every morning, everytime that you wake up?