Sexual Object

Maybe the reason I see many people just as sexual objects is because that I can’t find anything else to share with them. So many people can only try to please me with their bodies, not understanding the fact that I’m interested in intelligence and creativity and sympathy to be able to bond with anyone. If you don’t have anything that can make me feel excited, motivated, and don’t have intimate experiences that are worth sharing our time, why should I care about a body without a brain when I can get more pleasure by visiting a porn site? 

Why should I waste a collection of “now”s with temporary pleasures to remember the fact that those people can’t offer anything more after ejaculation? Life is meant to be shared, there’s too much to share, too many places to visit and many things to love doing together with a true partner. A partner who isn’t afraid to live life the way it’s meant to be and go all in. Someone whom I’d be glad sleeping with after all the naughty stuff. Someone who I doubt that exists anyway. It’s funny and irresistibly ironic that people can give nothing more than sexual pleasure and blame you for being true. It’s not just a person, but a whole mental illness of civilization fed by the collective virus called ego that turns their host into a zombie. Stay true my friends.