You remember that person that you tried everything to keep in your life who went away no matter what you did? The one who never came back? You remember, of course you do. We all have that person, maybe more than one at different stages in life, that were drowning and held onto us. Held on so tightly and made us feel alive like never before. Then slowly started to pull us down until we drown with them. Until we exhaled our last breath and don’t remember anything beyond that point. A missing page in our book. You know, the small moments with big meanings, the missing pieces. The ones that we try to fill with random noise of little pieces in the withdrawal of the ones that used to reflect ourselves; the ones that we unconsciously used as a device, a secret code that we used to access deepest rooms within our mind that we otherwise have no way of knowing that they even existed in the first place? A virus in our paradigm that distorts everything to a point where you can’t comprehend what is right or what is wrong anymore. The point where nothing matters. A virus that saves us from ourselves, the dark-caped hero.

Do you remember those people who you’ve tried to get rid of, but somehow always found you again. The ones that you can’t put out of your life. The ones with the roles so deeply convoluted with yours that will find a way to sneak into your life even if you lock yourself down in a small room.

Have you ever felt the pieces finally coming together, and understanding why some things or people entered your life? The events that directed you, the people that changed a small wire in your brain that opened a door to a new world? A world that you finally belonged in, realizing that all the paths that led to it was worth it. A life with everyone in your life is at the place that you’d love to see them in. A life where you finally are at the spot that you always deserved to be in everyone’s life. In people that you care about, or in people that you don’t even know that they exist. 

Don’t everyone have their time in your life? Isn’t the function of the universe guiding everyone to their lines that coincide others’ at some point, bringing joy, love, or sometimes seemingly-bad things that you finally realize to be not really bad at all later in this game of life?

Aren’t all these roles are the ones that give a true meaning to our lives, after all? Namaste.