Don’t you ever fantasize about jumping over while the traffic is speeding up like crazy? The thin line between red and green. The instantaneous decision that would end everything, the one that would take you so much over that you can’t jump between parallel universes anymore. One brief moment of jumping to the road in red light, and suddenly you are red. Is this the final freedom? The absolute freedom from your physical body that you were maybe trapped in? The one that sucks and jails you inside everytime it wakes up. Pumping the liquid at the edge of the visible spectrum, a plasma with the mystical code, an unsolved puzzle about consciousness baked in into its firmware. A system so secure that accessing the bootloader would corrupt the filesystem. A system where observation of a neuron would change a tiny bit of quantum state that triggers a chain reaction explosion from the initial state of variables ending up in you taking that step towards the road and you are red.

And that would be the last thing you would remember. The last thing permanently encoded into your brain before short-term encoder gives up. The one that fills all remaining parts of the neural-filesystem red.

The red lips of life’s goodbye kiss. Then the curtains slowly start leaking from the top of the screen. The final ending.

It’s finally over darling. No more three dimensions, no more friends, family, or anything that you can connect with. No more hatred, no more job, money, or climbing the ladder until you hit the glass ceiling. No more sleeping and waking up, no more saying good morning to yourself alone every morning. No more sex with so many people that you can’t even remember the existence of. No more drinks after drinks until you try to wake up every morning where your reflection becomes your best friend you drink with anyway.

No more beliefs and no more hopes. 

Sole red.