Anything Wrong?

What really happens when you lose your last gasp of grip? Would you be scared of not being able to have an effect on the outcomes of the events? Would you be afraid of the circumstances?

Why do we try not to lose control anyway? Is it programmed into our DNA? Does it play an evolutionary role?

When we lose control we face our true self, and when we look into the mirror we see inside of our true eyes. We dive deep into our darkest secrets; the ones that we can’t even tell ourselves.

The blurring mask of lie is lifted and we know the reasons that build the foundation of some of our dark thoughts. Are we meant to know what our thougts are made of? Do we have the ability to grasp the topics that define the rules of this universe? Do our brains that we think that are in three dimensional space with time able to physically record this undefined format of information?

We can’t even accept ourselves and our very nature, yet we feel the thrive to conquer whatever we see. We are so lost in our deep ego that we cannot see a reflection of our collective consciousness.

How can you see something, when you close ypur eyes anyway? How can you find the unknown, when you don’t know what you are looking for, in the first place?

Would order be enough or would you need some chaos into your mind? Do you want to burn some pathways down? Do you need to introduce unknowns into this system and expect it to reach any remotely-conveivable way of equilibrium? Isn’t losing control the natural way of reaching peace in the long run anyway?

Then I ask again; is there really anything wrong with losing control anyway?

Nothing to Lose

Many people ask why, and I ask why not. We are all lost in our bare understanding of our reality. We are so focused on our image of self, that we forget to remember who we all are.

Do they deserve anything? Do they really understand why we’re here anyway? How do we slip through all those who don’t understand, to rise, and to teach the world why we exist? To teach them to love everything and beyond.

We are the ones that walk along the thin rope to save the world. It’s getting thinner and thinner as we walk faster and faster. We are the ones who close their eyes and walk blindly on the railroad.

Don’t we all risk our lives, our already-dead lives into the void anyway? What really does happen when you wait on the middle of the railroad anyway? It brings the inevitable end just a bit closer, nothing particular on the cosmic timescale.

Do any of us matter anyway? Who will remember us when we die? Nobody wants to die, everyone wants to live. Live to the fullest, and share this life with someone that they can rely on. Someone that makes sense. Someone who shines a meaning to this whole thing. What would you do if you don’t have anyone?

Isn’t the calm whisper of death sweeter than life? Don’t you feel the uncomparable feeling of having the right to do literally anything with no obligation of expression to anyone whatsoever? If you deserve something and fight the neverending war inside your head, but can’t have it, are there really any rules for you to obey? Can’t you crack your own way out, whatever that is to realize yourself?

Do you really need to obey anything when you’ve got nothing to lose?

Out of Control

What would you do if you were spiraling out of control? What would you hold on to if everything is rotating in chaos?

Is there even an answer to that?

It’s one of those days that you wake up and feel dreaded and chaotic, as if you’ve woken up to an evil parallel universe for no apparent reason. You feel like something terrible is going to happen with no control at your side at all. It feels like everything you’ve fought for will collapse. You just feel disconnected and isolated.

It comes to a point that you don’t want to stay awake and hold on to any bottle that would keep you away from “reality”. But what is reality? Isn’t it the question that you’ve always asked? Isn’t it that one very question that you’d have a relief if you had the answer for?

So what is the thing that you would do if you’ve got no one to hold on to? When you can’t hold onto your friends, family, or anyone at all, when you can’t feel connected to anyone, when you feel isolated from the universe, what would you do? If you start not caring about the world, where would you start building your life back on? If you’d do anything to find that intimate connection, where would you go?

Would you ever find a place that would experience you a peace of mind?

God Mode

You can accomplish anything you want, except one thing. You can play the god, manipulate the environment in ways that the regular mortal can’t imagine.

But you can imagine. You can imagine a whole universe inside your consciousness where every single entity has a role.

What if you enter a cheat code, and suddenly you can change everything, but except one thing: you are lonely. You are lonely as god.

You do everything but you’ve got no one to share it with. It just doesn’t make sense. Does it really matter? If you’ve got everything but couldn’t find your goddess, is it of any intrinsic meaning to live it all? In this arena of wannabe goddesses, where you know none is real, how do you slip yourself?

Maybe all we need is a simpler life, with all we really need, and that’s it. No more games, no more meaningless challenges that deviate you away from your path. No more disconnected, and that’s it.


The worst is to lose all hope. You want something so deeply and realize that it’s never going to happen. As long as you’ve got hope, it can happen. Where is the line? Where is the breaking point?

How can you see yourself from the third person’s view when you’re trapped inside your head?

There’s something terribly wrong with this world that I’d like to fix. Everybody have lost their true nature of love and a collective fighting of their ego have taken over. I don’t know where to start, but I know where to end.

Instead of fighting over who has more money or prestige, instead of fighting over who is “better”, wouldn’t it be better if we all held hands. Wouldn’t it be better if all the humans, regardless of nationality or gender, all the animals, and the sentience of the universe came together and remember that we are one after all.

If you’ve lost the sign of hope, if you know the ending chapter but not the introduction to an epic plot, where would you start? Would you ever be able to start anyway, or would you need someone to guide you?

How do you trust them? How do you trust anyone but yourself? Even when you hold hands would you be ever sure that they are in the same intellectual capacity? Would you really be able to know that they aren’t trying to abuse you?

Would you know that they won’t leave you on the middle of the road, alone? Would you want to continue without them, into the darkness of the night, even if you knew that the sun would take over anyway?

But if never left and walked together with you to the end… isn’t just the dream of it worth giving a shot for?

Single Answer

If you could get a single question answered, what would it be? From a simple daily question, to a philosophically-complex one, what would you ask? If you know the rules and know that you can’t ask for answers of more questions in any way, and as long as you state it clearly it could literally be anything, even the deepest secrets of this supposedly-deterministic multiverse with multiple unknowns at the quantum level, what would your question be? What would boggle your mind the most?

Once you get your answer, would you be satisfied? Would you ask in the mirror of the universe and, in a desperate attempt of excitement, say, “so this is it?”

Would you really want to have the mystical excitement about the deepest levels of information unfold? Would life be exciting as it used to be? Once you have your answers, would anything be exciting as it used to be?

Last Time

You see someone for the last time, without realizing that it’s the last. You say “see you”, never knowing that you’ll never see them again. It’s the last time that you look into their eyes and feel their presence. It’s the last time he or she speaks to you. It’s the last time that you touch.

But once you turn your back and head home, that’s it. If you knew that it was the last, could you really leave them here? If you knew that you were never seeing them again, how, if ever, could you say goodbye and walk away, knowing that this is it. What would you say? What would you feel? Would you open your heart and say the things that you always wanted to say?

Does it make a difference, anyway?

Does it make a difference, at all?


As I uncover the answers to more and more questions, shouldn’t I be facing less questions? Isn’t it how this whole thing meant to be? Why am I facing a dozen of new questions when I truly understand an answer? Is that such a divine force that orchestrates this neverending harmony of convoluted answers asking for more questions? Even if there was a divine entity that is omnipotent, would there be any way that we can disprove its existence? Hypothetically, even if we could disprove the existence of a deity, what would that really change anyway?

What would be different when you wake up in the morning? What would happen if we could prove its existence? 

What would you do if you had a friend that always listens to you? A friend whom that you know to be always there for you. How different would life be? Could you really trust it? Could you really trust that the whole game isn’t rigged? Could you really trust that your friend won’t leave you on your knees that you need to be helped the most?

How can you trust anyone once your anchor of trust has broken out of its chain by the ones that you trusted the most?

We are the ones

We’re fighting against the socially accepted norms in our neural fortress. We have a more intimate connection with life itself. Maybe advanced technology will save us from ourselves, from this empire of destruction that many thought to be the real life. Living in constant stimulation, torn apart from what we are meant to be. This never made sense to us. We are all one, and we need to save the rest of us.

Don’t we all make mistakes? Mistakes that start a chain reaction that cause other mistakes, to a point where the inevitable is unstoppable. When we do realize what we’ve done it’s too late. 

So where is the exit sign? Where is the end to all of this? Is there a happy ending?

Is there an ending at all?

Or are we just dreaming? Dreaming so that when we wake up, we’ll all be together, just stare at what tried to separate us and thank that it’s over.

Thank that we’re one again, for once and for all.

Wouldn’t this be much better? Wouldn’t this be much better than anything you could have imagined?

Change everything

What would you do if you could everything about your life? Where would you start? Would you buy a new car, a new house? Travel to a new place? Make new friends? Master something that you’ve always wanted? 

What would be the very first step? Would you seek all the happiness by delegating the task of making you feel better to external factors? Would you keep stimulating your nerves superficially until you no longer feel anything? 

Maybe you should change your point of view. Maybe all you need is a mirror, a symbolic, metaphorical plot device of some kind that would basically reflect you back to you when you become the single person audience of your own movie.

Maybe you need to start watching it; hit the play button, grab your favorite sip and enjoy yourself in third person with a narrator guiding your feelings their way out of your body. 

Then you realize that you need less cars, less people that disturb you, and more creativity, expression, and basically being yourself. Maybe it’s time that you change something to change everything to turn into the world that you imagined.