Be the person who the 1-year-before you would hate; not because you became worse, but because you’ve gone irresistibly stellar to make even your past self jealous.

Turn everything that pulled you down to the bottom of the ocean, into your advange. Find the beauty in the ugly, make use of waste, love all the apparently-bad events and people and thank them for their company in the road that you’ve been following to become your best self.

Let go of the ropes tying your past and future together. Let them tangle the way they are meant to be as one thing is certain now: if it’s meant to be, it will be. You can only delay the events and people from finding their role in your life for so long by resisting. They will happen eventually anyway, so in that sense you are only blocking everyone including yourself from progressing to the next stage.

Be the person who changes this world. The one who doesn’t need the urge to unite because knows deep inside that we’re all one.

Be the one.