Working so hard to deserve a happy life, the life it’s always meant to be. You need to deserve it, right? Who came up with the illusion that you need to work hard to have a good life anyway? Life is meant to be good intrinsically. The more we can’t feel the warmth and love of others, the more we uncontrollably isolate ourselves from the society, the harder it’s to bear. But fucking up everything excluding the ego is the norm now. A norm perfectly acceptable in an “order” where being in an area defined by imaginary borders is something to be proud of and worth killing others, or in a world where drinking the liquid of another animal’s breast that contains the proteins to feed its own infant is acceptable.

A world that any sane person with an overview would conclude to be insane. A world destroying itself, out of control. A world that creates its own Great Filter, terminating itself by preventing the jump to the next level in the Kardeshev Scale. Optimize everything for more money, believing in that it’s going to solve all your problems. Put yourself into a digital mansion that exists in the future and work indefinitely until you react the point where you realize that it’s just a digital prison inside your delusional head.

As the world shakes more wildly, how long can you last trying to climb up the stairs with no foundation to support you?