I’m a cat

I don’t know what these humans are doing. Why are they having fights and getting into unnecessary trouble while they could just play with whatever they find.

I don’t understand why life is so hard, why they go somewhere everyday, why they work. All they need to do is lie down and relax. Bored? No problem, go and lie down somewhere else! Simple, right? Hungry? Eat! Want to play? Play with the first object in your sight. Not hungry? Don’t eat! Want to play with “hooman”? Sure, you don’t need their consent; start playing and they’ll be forced to join you. Don’t want to go somewhere? Don’t go then! Want to clean your body? You’ve got hours to do that, as you like!

Life is our playground, and things are meant to be simple, and this is all there is. No matter how complex the underlying mechanisms are, the results are simple; we are simple. In the end all the humans, animals, plants, fungi, and cellular organisms are programmed in the DNA for two things: survive and reproduce.

The rest are details.