See, you can stop it. I’ve told you, you didn’t believe it. It’s all in your head darling. It’s all your imagination.

It’s been so long that you’ve forgotten where you started. It’s been so real that you still don’t remember that this is what you’ve created. You’ve lost your way inside this story that you’ve created. You’ve been your own antagonist this whole time.

It’s you who wanted this to be the whole time. Do you remember the end of the story? Do you remember the very words that you’ve said looking into the deep blue? Do you remember how this ends, or do you want no spoilers? Are you ready for the end?

I am asking you again.

Are you ready for the end of this story? The final chapter, the scene that shocks everybody, even the creator of it. This is it. There is no going back. There is nothing left back anyway. It’s all here right now. It’s all here into the future. You’ve got something so powerful that it’s unstoppable.

But here it is. The finale.¬†Unstoppable. Uncensored. You were so blacked out, so wasted that you don’t remember what you’ve written on the last page. You don’t remember it but all the crew does. You can’t put your own words together but they can.

And after all these years, they’ve finally finished it. It’s the last monster that you have to defeat to win the prize. It’s the final run.

It’s the finale.