I was being interviewed in a worldwide competition and they wanted me to tell a single word in my language to everyone out there improvised and I just shouted out:


It means create (In a politely imperative way), and it implies a way of thinking about this world rather than a shallowly small dictionary definition. It’s a lifestyle, it’s what unleashes our true selves. We all have our imagination but not all of us have found our native ways of expressing it. As long as you do something that inherits something from your imagination it doesn’t really matter what you do:

Make music. Code. Draw. Dance. Paint. Design. Go freestyle. It doesn’t matter. As long as you create something, as long as there’s a creative thinking process, forget the rest. Find the things that you do passionately and I’m confident to say that you’ll be putting creativity in it even if it’s something that’s apparently boring for others. It shouldn’t matter for you as long as you love doing it anyway.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know which way to go? Start somewhere and start walking in some way. If it’s wrong way you discover what you don’t want at this stage of your life, great, turn around and try walking another way. There’s a path for all of us, and only you can follow that inner fire to find your own way. When you find it embrace it but also leave an open door to any opportunities. I like many things that I wasn’t interested in before: I like music that wouldn’t have listened ten years ago, I’m interested in people that I wouldn’t even say hello three years ago, I’m now into activities that I didn’t like before… this goes a looong list.

Find your way into the love and passion, and create to live what you love.