Many of us out there avoid cold, right? Many people (especially ones born in warmer seasons) seek out hot weather, because cold is coded as danger deep within their subconscious and the environment that we were born in when we had our brain plasticity the most has been coded as safe zone. This makes from an evolutionary perspective where hot weather didn’t mean much but cold weather meant death if one could not find shelter. As time passed, ones that survived cold lived through newer generations. Simple facts. Survival of the fittest.

Though with thousands of years of civilization and hundreds of years of industrialization we’ve closed the deal and now are able to seek out any temperature we want. It is a conflict with our biology that is the evolution of millions of years: we are designed to survive cold, and our immune system, both physically and mentally, is stimulated by cold. The more we avoid cold and keep inside our safe zone, our immune system gets weaker and weaker and we become more prone to faiure in every aspect.

Make peace with cold, don’t avoid it; embrace it! Embrace cold as if you are hugging someone you love. This will give you confidence, this will give you calmness, this will give you strength. It will supercharge you. All the limits, all the illnesses that you think you’ll get if you are exposed to cold… they are all in your head, darling. Cold is love, and feeling the chilling sensation in every cell of your body is opening to the love of the universe.

Make peace, push your limits to see that they don’t exist, and be stellar, friend.