We think we are civilized but yet we’ve successfully made literally the most natural things like death and sexuality a taboo. We think we are intelligent but we’re depleting our resources to fight each other, without realizing the fact that if we combined the very resources that we’re using to kill each, we’d never need to kill each other in the first place. Yet, ones in control successfully created brainwashed people thinking that drinking the milk from cows are natural, completely unnatural chemicals sold by pharmaceutical companies are safe for everyday use, and the very plants that humanity has evolved together with are evil, or being in our most natural form of nudity is socially unacceptable. We go out, meet people, look at the phone screen for 90% of the time, and we call this socializing. 

We prefer people who feed our ego and greed, yet we dismiss the very ones that show us who we truly are. We don’t like mirrors, do we? We only want our primary superficial ways of stimulation, believing that ideologies pushing us into deeper individualization are the ones that would save us from the dangers of others, successfully isolating ourselves from the actual society that we are evolved to fit in.

And we call ourselves civilized.