How does it feel to breathe the terror? How does it feel to taste the madness? The madness that is collectively taking over the whole world as everyone tries to walk on the rope of sanity, trying to avoid falling into the very dark side of themselves constantly reminding themselves of the fact that they’re gonna die and that the loss of everything that they have is ultimately inevitable?

What is out there? What is reality? No, I’m not talking about the sandbox that the more powerful forces locked our consciousness inside a three dimensional trap. I’m talking about the actuality behind the scenes, the ones behind the cameras, the raw unedited footage, the B-rolls, the stage behind the painted walls with the paint that blurs as you examine further. The split of the Planck time that makes sense, the bigger picture that we haven’t even imagined, the reality that’s hidden so well that we were successfully trained to believe in that a smaller low resolution picture of the universe was all there was out there. The multiverse that smiles to all the politicians and rich people out there when they think that they’re powerful. The eye with the overview effect, crashing not just earths like ours, but the whole solar systems and galaxies that contain them. The chaotic eye of massive destruction that gave birth to any kind of reality that we might have experienced in the first place.

If that chaos of particles and energy fields in a quantum vacuum of fluctations created everything, isn’t it fitting the dictionary definition of god? Can we really blame chaos for taking everything from us? Did we blame it when it gave everything to us anyway? Maybe it’s just trying to break our ego and set us free. If nothing can be created nor destroyed where does this consciousness that we’re experiencing this very moment come from? If the consciousness, at least the way we know of, was injected into our body when we were born, where was it before our birth? Maybe it’s just trying to open our collective inner eye to see that there’s some sort of connection between deeper levels of reality and consciousness. Maybe it’s time that us humans, yes, the ones that think they are smart, the ones that of whom world completely collapses due to a virus that we can only see with microscopes, should realize that consciousness is a fundamental part of reality, baked into the convoluted formulae that haven’t even been discovered yet by us “smart” humans.