Change everything

What would you do if you could everything about your life? Where would you start? Would you buy a new car, a new house? Travel to a new place? Make new friends? Master something that you’ve always wanted? 

What would be the very first step? Would you seek all the happiness by delegating the task of making you feel better to external factors? Would you keep stimulating your nerves superficially until you no longer feel anything? 

Maybe you should change your point of view. Maybe all you need is a mirror, a symbolic, metaphorical plot device of some kind that would basically reflect you back to you when you become the single person audience of your own movie.

Maybe you need to start watching it; hit the play button, grab your favorite sip and enjoy yourself in third person with a narrator guiding your feelings their way out of your body. 

Then you realize that you need less cars, less people that disturb you, and more creativity, expression, and basically being yourself. Maybe it’s time that you change something to change everything to turn into the world that you imagined.