Do you feel like you are in a series, and everyone is a character? The characters who need a backstory at some point for the plot to advance. For the plot to make sense. Isn’t it why we watch stuff anyway? It should make sense in the end.

Some of them don’t make sense until the very end; just like some events in our life that we never fully understand individually. But when those fallen pieces join together at the end, every seemingly-random and unimportant piece finds a place. The final reveal. We love it. We all do.

Isn’t life the same? Even though we don’t realize, many people and events that are daily and subtle play an important role in the plot of our very own. 

All the people you love and you hate, all the events that were good or apparently-bad. Aren’t they all needed for this plot to advance? Aren’t they all making sense when you look back in time now?

Didn’t they always make sense? Weren’t all the signs always there and you were just too busy to notice them?

Since we’re at this very point in time, and since you’re here reading this right now, isn’t everything, including this very sentence, part of your backstory now? A backstory that makes you, you. A story in this neverending chain of events which will open the door to the next chapter. Right now, after you hit that X to close this post, a new chapter will begin in your life.

Are you ready?

You are. I know that you are.