Life is beautiful, but why can’t we have it together? Even under the stars, meteor showers washing our dirty ideas, and the waves hitting the stones, slowly fading away into the ever-growing thoughts…

Isn’t something missing? 

Hello, it’s Captain Amygdala speking, just wanted to remind you that we’re incredibly complex combinations of molecules on a giant rock flying freely through a space without an end, and your body is intrinsically programmed into dissolve itself as time passes, bringing you an inevitable death.

And yes, I am a part of that program, telling you to survive. I will keep telling you, that’s my job. You are biologically wired to always want more and never have enough comfort. Even in the seemingly-perfect moments, I will remind you of the fact that you are part of the wild nature that is hunting its way to take you back to the form before you consciously existed… at least in the way that we know of. Your brain is wired to feel insecure and out-of-comfort and that’s okay darling. It’s not to be hated, it’s for your survival in true nature, so maybe you should thank your anxious unnerving moments.

Take me with all the beauty of the world. Because sometimes it’s the imperfections that balances this scale of cosmic perfectly.

*drops mic*